Cricket Star Babar Azam Receives Audi E-Tron GT as a Special Gift

Pakistan’s cricket team captain, Babar Azam has added another gem to his collection – the Audi e-tron GT. This news has been making rounds on social media, especially after popular YouTuber Ducky Bhai purchased the same model.

The Audi e-tron GT was a surprise gift from Babar’s family upon his return from Sri Lanka. His brother shared the story behind the purchase, revealing that they had started their search for the perfect car about one and a half months ago. After considering several models, they finally settled on the Audi e-tron GT. The family specifically chose the white color due to its rarity in Pakistan.

Babar took his new electric vehicle for a spin and was unsurprisingly thrilled with it. Fans can look forward to seeing him enjoy his new ride more extensively after the tournament.

The Audi e-tron GT is an impressive machine. It boasts an electric output of 470hp and 630Nm of torque, coupled with an all-wheel drive (AWD). The car features a 2-speed automatic transmission and a battery capacity of 93.4kWh. The company claims that the car can cover a distance of 420km per charge and can accelerate from 0-100 in just 4.5 seconds. Charging the EV takes approximately 9 hours and 15 minutes at 220/240 Volts, but this time can be reduced to 1.5 hours at 440 Volts.

This addition to Babar’s car collection not only reflects his taste for luxury vehicles but also highlights the growing popularity of electric vehicles in Pakistan.

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