Wabaal Drama Cast, Release Date, Timings, Schedule, and Promo HUM TV

An overview of the cast and crew of the Wabaal TV serial  HUM TV is Keeping Her Current. The new Pakistani drama series Wabaal will premiere on Hum TV soon. Sarah Khan, Talha Chahour, Merub Ali, and Shagufta Ejaz are among the Wabaal cast.

Qaisera Hayat wrote the script for Wabaal Drama, which Amin Iqbal directed, with Momina Duraid working as a producer. We’ll be able to see the Wabaal Drama on Hum TV starting in August 2022. The first episode of the Wabaal drama series will run on Hum TV Live’s official channel in the middle of August 2022, as predicted.

Wabaal Drama Cast, Release Date, Timings, Schedule, and Promo

One of the main topics of the Wabaal drama is the struggles of a young girl. Among the cast members are actors Sarah Khan and Talha Chahour in the lead parts. Sarah is stunning in the upcoming drama Wabaal. In 2022 Hum TV is creating many blockbuster shows with amazing stories.

wabaal drama cast

Wabaal Drama Cast

Talha Chahour will portray a rich person who believes that everything in life is given to him with no effort needed on his side. Sarah Khan, who would also play, is a self-made and hard-working person.

Drama TitleWabaal
Channel NameHum TV
Total EpisodeTBA
Lead CastSarah Khan, Merub Ali
Release DateAugust 2022
Directed ByAmin Iqbal 
Written ByQaisera Hayat
Produced ByMomina Duraid
Production CompanyMD Productions

The new television series Salma Aziz and Talha Chahour Hum TV’s official channel carries the Pakistani drama Wabaal. Additionally, Merub Ali and Sahguft Ejaz are among those featured in the drama. In the exact meaning, the voyage of a young passionate girl is a curse, misery, and destruction.

  • Sarah Khan
  • Talha Chahour
  • Merub Ali
  • Shagufta Ejaz

Wabaal HUM TV Drama Release Date

Hum TV Live will broadcast the first episode of Wabaal on August 2022, exclusively.

Wabaal HUM TV Drama Timing

HUM TV’s upcoming Wabaal drama airs at 8:00 p.m. Only on HUM TV’s official channel, you’ll be able to see it very soon.

There will be a new episode of the Pakistani drama Wabal airing at the end of August this year. Watch the best Hum TV shows and other regional dramas in high definition online. Visit Official Channel HUM TV to watch the latest episodes of your favorite series.

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