Can Pakistan Still Qualify for World Cup 2023 Semi-Final?

As of October 24, 2023, Pakistan’s chances of qualifying for the semi-finals of the World Cup 2023 are uncertain but possible. The team is currently in fifth place on the points table after experiencing three consecutive losses against Australia, India, and Afghanistan.

According to the tournament rules, only the top four teams on the points table will advance to the semi-final round. At present, the top four positions are held by India, New Zealand, South Africa, and Australia, respectively.

Pakistan still has four matches left to play against New Zealand, South Africa, Bangladesh, and England. If they manage to win all these matches, they will accumulate a total of 12 points on the table. This would allow Pakistan to qualify for the semi-finals.

If Pakistan loses even one of their upcoming matches, their chances of advancing to the next round will be significantly reduced. This is because both England and Bangladesh could potentially surpass Pakistan on the points table if they defeat them.

Furthermore, if Pakistan loses more than two matches, their World Cup journey will come to an end. Therefore, while it is still possible for Pakistan to qualify for the World Cup 2023 semi-finals, their path forward is fraught with challenges.

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