BIEK Karachi Scrutiny 2023 Schedule HSSC Science General Result

BIEK has officially announced the results of the Inter-Science General annual exams in 2023. Students have been allowed to review their marks and evaluate their performance in these exams. However, for those who have doubts about the accuracy of their scores, BIEK has provided a scrutiny process.

BIEK Karachi Scrutiny 2023 Schedule HSSC Science General Result

The BIEK Karachi Scrutiny Schedule 2023 for HSSC Science General Result has been released, allowing students to submit their scrutiny forms by the deadline of November 27, 2023.

This scrutiny process does not involve re-evaluating the answer sheets but rather involves a recount of the obtained marks. The education board will meticulously review the marks once more to ensure their accuracy.

Upon completion of the scrutiny process, the Board will communicate the results to the candidates. The results of the scrutiny for the relevant papers will be conveyed to the candidates through postal addresses within 40 days. This gives students the chance to address any discrepancies and confirm the accuracy of their results.


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