Benefits of Surah Quraish | 6 Benefits of Surah Quraysh

Problems, confusions, obstacles, and other kinds of difficulties that a person faces in his life and he keeps looking for solutions to get out of them, sometimes he goes to a doctor, sometimes to a sage or someone. If there is no solution to his problem, then he goes from one to the next, from the second to the third.

6 Benefits of Surah Quraysh

But the Qur’an, which is guidance, mercy, and blessing, receives little attention. Well, today we have a small chapter of the Qur’an. Surah Quraysh 6 benefits of (Benefits of Surah Quraish in Hindi) It has been said that if you add prayer along with medicine, it will certainly be of great benefit.

To relieve kidney pain

If one has pain in the kidney (whether due to stone or any other cause) then seven times daily Surah Quraysh After reading, breathe on the water and then drink or drink the water and keep blowing on the body and keep doing this for eleven days, God willing, the pain will be relieved very soon.

To avoid anything harmful in food

When eating food, there are some things in the food that can cause harm, or its fat can be spoiled, or some other problem or it can be that the food is not beneficial for the body, bring it, as people say that food is poisoned, so if there is such a problem, 1 time after eating. Surah Quraysh If you read it and eat it, God willing, you will avoid any harm, even if there is something harmful in it and you don’t know about it, and this food will also benefit you.

So as to avoid trouble in the journey

If you are about to embark on a journey and your life and property are in danger and there is a possibility that an enemy may do harm, some people are afraid of traveling in an airplane lest they crash. , so as before. Durood Ibrahimi Read again 101 times Surah Quraysh Read, then recite Durood Ibrahimi again and breathe on your body and drink a little drink, after that go on the journey again, God willing, this journey will also be completed and there will be no problems.

Note: But a special way of reciting this wazifa is that while reciting this surah when you reach Waam Nahamat al-Hamdu al-Raheem, take care that the journey is done with safety.

Eradication of unemployment and poverty

If a person is unemployed, or worried about lack of sustenance, first recite Durood Ibrahimi and then 41 times. Surah Quraysh Read it and then read Durood Ibrahimi, the way to read is when May Allah protects me from gambling. But if you reach, and take care of your financial constraints in your heart, God willing, you will surely get relief from the trouble of gardening and sustenance.

To avoid the body of the enemy

If an enemy continues to torment and torture and there is the apprehension of trouble from him, then eleven times Surah Quraysh After reading the picture of this enemy, blow three times towards this enemy who is alive, Allah Almighty will protect you from the body of this enemy.

To avoid the evil eye

Usually, children are seen, parents also think that we are going to a place where children cannot be seen or some adults think that they should not be seen or women go so that they are ready. You have insight, then if in doubt, three times while leaving the house Surah Quraysh Take a breath after reading and if there is a child, reading on the child will cause loss of eyesight or if not, the eyesight will not be bad and will remain safe wherever you are going.

The best way to avoid the evil eye

One of the best ways to avoid sight is to read it three times to the children when they are going out like school. can. Be protected from evil, demonic and human eyes

May Allah protect you

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