Basic Online Calculator

Supported Operations in Simple Online Calculator

  • C : All Clear
  • + : Use this to Add the Numbers.
  • : Use this to Subtract the Numbers.
  • * : Use this to Multiply the Numbers.
  • ÷ : Use this to Divide the Numbe.
  • = : Use this to get your results.
  • E : Use to remove a number.

In today’s environment, individuals wish to accomplish their tasks quickly in all the disciplines, specifically in the counting procedure. Hence, they prefer calculators to laborious counting. Basic calculators are simple instruments that assist in efficiently solving numerous issues. It removes the tiresome process. It simplifies the work.

The basic calculators conduct the arithmetic and algebra manipulations with higher speed and precision. WikiTechLibrary internet calculators are accessible for free and easy to work out. A correct result for each problem may be brought forth by utilizing the calculator. In addition, the calculator provides all the basic formulas for the counting procedure, which makes the counting process easier.

Basic Online Calculator

WikiTechLibrary simple calculators empower students and encourage experiment and mathematical inquiry. It is a helpful tool that has various algorithms to conduct mathematical tasks. It helps kids to become active learners. It functions as an equal in math education. It has found a significant influence on the world, as it makes computations faster and more correct.

In the past several years, Mathematics has significantly developed, and the instrument to compute math problems has also risen considerably. Calculators transform the technique of mathematical calculations, which will help to begin the significant growth of kids learning. Many research suggests that the usage of calculators would provide a promising approach to the kids and brings confidence in their arithmetic ability.


The addition function is applied by pressing the “+” button. The result of the Addition function is a+b.


The subtraction function is applied by pressing the “-” button. The result of the Subtraction function is a-b.


The multiplication function is applied by pressing the “*” button. The result of the Multiplication function is a*b.


The division function is applied by pressing the “÷” button. The result of the Division function is a÷b.

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