Asia Cup 2023: Prize Money for Winners, Runner-up Teams

India emerged victorious, defeating Sri Lanka in the final match. The tournament, which was played in the One Day International (ODI) format, saw teams from across the continent vying for the prestigious title and a significant prize pool.

The Asian Cricket Council, which oversees the tournament, revealed the details of the prize money allocated for the winners, runners-up, and other participating teams. The total purse for the Asia Cup 2023 was $4 million, which was divided among the teams based on their performance.

India, as the champions of the tournament, received a prize fund of $200,000. This amount is equivalent to approximately Rs 592,84,000 in Pakistani Rupees (PKR). On the other hand, Sri Lanka, despite their valiant effort, had to settle for the runner-up position and were awarded $100,000, which translates to PKR29,642,000.

However, the distribution of the prize money was not limited to the finalists. The other teams that participated in the tournament also received a share of the prize pool. Bangladesh, who finished third on the points table, received $62,500 (approximately 1.85 Crores PKR), while Pakistan, finishing fourth, was awarded $31,250 (around 92 Lacs PKR). The teams that did not progress beyond the group stage, Afghanistan and Nepal, each received $12,500, equivalent to 37 Lacs PKR.

The Asia Cup 2023 served as a platform for showcasing cricketing talent from across the continent, with teams battling it out for the coveted title and a substantial monetary reward. The allocation of the prize money reflects the importance of the tournament in promoting cricket in Asia and incentivizing competitive performances.

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