Apple Users May Soon Transfer WhatsApp Chats To Another iPhone Without iCloud

According to rumors, WhatsApp is presently testing a new feature called “Transfer Chats to iPhone,” which would allow users to move their chat history and media from their old iPhone to a new one without having to upload it to iCloud through Chat Backup. The new feature attempts to make transferring talks across iPhones easier.

The most recent WhatsApp feature, ‘move Chats to iPhone,’ will allow users to easily move their chat history and media from an old iPhone to a new one. Users may join with the same phone number on a new device, download WhatsApp, and then scan a QR code on their old iPhone to begin an automated transfer of chat history, rather than relying on a previously uploaded iCloud Chat Backup.

The ‘Transfer Chats to iPhone’ feature is now only available to beta testers who have loaded the most recent version of WhatsApp beta for iOS through the TestFlight app. However, it is unknown when this functionality will be available to normal WhatsApp users.

Users with limited iCloud storage who do not want to pay for more storage can profit from this functionality since it allows them to transfer their conversation history without relying on iCloud’s 5GB of free storage.

Meta, WhatsApp’s parent company, has announced the debut of a new feature called multi-device login support. Users will be able to log in to the same WhatsApp account on up to four different devices using this capability.

The impending multi-device login capability for WhatsApp from Meta is a significant divergence from the current approach, which only allows users to log in on one phone and numerous desktop PCs. The technology, which is scheduled to be available to all users in the coming weeks, would enable message synchronization across different platforms, including phones. This implies that even if one device is switched off, users may still use other devices to access their WhatsApp accounts.

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