Apple iPad mini Wi-Fi + Cellular Secret Codes

We have discovered a series of secret codes that can unlock hidden features and advanced options on the APPLE iPad mini Wi-Fi + Cellular. These codes provide access to information and settings typically unavailable to regular users, offering a deeper understanding of the device’s operations.

The first code *3001#12345# when entered and followed by pressing the green phone icon, leads you into Field mode. This mode displays information about the current parameters of the mobile network, data usually inaccessible to the average user.

Apple iPad mini Wi-Fi + Cellular hidden features

Another intriguing code is *#06#. This code reveals the IMEI number, a unique identifier for each mobile device. Knowledge of this number can be crucial in situations such as reporting a stolen device, making it nearly impossible to sell, or removing a SIM card blockade.

The code *#21#, followed by pressing the green phone icon, unveils settings related to transferring phone calls, faxes, and more. Similarly, the code *#30# provides information about the current status of your number presentation during phone calls.

For those curious about blocked phone calls, the code *#33# will reveal all the necessary information. Meanwhile, *#43# offers insights into settings for awaiting calls.

Several other codes, including *#61#, *#62#, and *#67#, display the numbers to which your calls are transferred under various circumstances, such as when you’re unreachable, your phone is switched off, or your line is busy.

Lastly, the code 5005# reveals the IMSI number when followed by pressing the green phone icon.

These secret codes offer a new level of interaction with the APPLE iPad mini Wi-Fi + Cellular, providing users with a wealth of hidden information and control over their device’s settings. However, users should exercise caution when using these codes, as they provide access to advanced settings and features.

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