Most Affordable Online Colleges that Offer Laptops

To complete today’s high-tech online courses, you must have a current computer.

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Maybe you’re still using an old desktop. You could have an old laptop. Maybe you’ll have to go to the library to utilize the computers. In any event, it’s time for an upgrade! The issue is that laptops can be excessively expensive. One of the greatest MacBooks, the MacBook Air, is “cheap” at $999, according to Laptopmag. It is still a significant lot of money!

Of course, laptops could be far more expensive. Some high-end laptop computers cost well over $3,000! However, these high costs should not scare you away from online higher education. This is because several online colleges collaborate with manufacturers to provide students with laptops at reduced or no cost! Sometimes, “free” laptops are sometimes financed with a technology fee. These laptops improve mobile learning by including:

  • Microsoft Office
  • Wi-Fi
  • Apps for productivity
  • An extended warranty
  • Theft protection

To find online colleges that provide laptops, we used the NCES College Navigator to filter out online education providers. Following that, we limited the selection based on the availability of valuable technology efforts. Every school on this list must:

  • Provide at least two online degrees
  • Lower the price of the laptop or provide free laptops
  • Accredited by CHEA-recognized agencies

Moreover, we chose to include online institutions that are included in the U.S. News & World Report college rankings or that rate well on other platforms, such as Niche or Forbes. So, now that we have covered the technique we used to create this list, let’s get to the best online colleges that offer laptops!

Ranking Online Schools that Offer Laptops

#1. University of Southern Mississippi

university of southern mississippi

Online, the University of Southern Mississippi provides fifteen undergraduate degrees and over thirty graduate degrees. Industrial engineering technology, library and information science, medical laboratory science, and nursing are among the bachelor’s degrees available (RN to BSN). The following graduate programs are available:
Tuition: $10,218

  • master of public health
  • dyslexia therapy education
  • economic development
  • human capital development
  • music education

#2. Wake Forest University

wake forest university

Wake Forest University is ranked 28th in the United States by U.S. News & World Report. WKU is a popular choice for full-time undergraduate students because of its outstanding ranking. The university is also ranked 24th in the nation for best-value schools. The WakeWare program is one of the reasons for this high ranking.

WakeWare offers undergraduate students savings on school laptops. While you are free to use your own laptop for online courses, it is suggested that you ensure that it fulfills Wake Forest’s strict performance requirements. WakeWare provides educational rates on several laptops if you require one. In addition, the package provides extended insurance and warranties. This means you’ll get new, high-performance laptops with a four-year warranty. You will also be protected against accidental damage.

WakeWare accepts laptop orders at any time of year. However, it is advised to make your purchase in July to take advantage of summer promotions. Wake Forest University offers a lot of online undergraduate courses. Graduate degrees can also get online. This includes the following:
$57,760 (including fees)

  • Master of Project Management
  • Master of Arts in Counseling
  • Master of Studies in Law

#3. Dakota State University

dakota state university 1

Dakota State University offers seven master’s degrees online and 14 bachelor’s degrees online. There are also certificates and associate degrees available. Programs in: are available as online bachelor’s degrees.
Tuition: $12,077

  • accounting
  • computer information systems
  • cyber leadership and intelligence
  • health information administration
  • network and security administration

Master’s degrees include:
business administration

  • analytics
  • cyber defense
  • educational technology
  • health informatics
  • information management

#4. Northwest Missouri State University

northwest missouri state

Northwest Missouri State University provides undergraduate degrees in business management, marketing, and RN to BSN. The more exhaustive selection of online graduate programs includes:
Tuition: $12,908

  • general management
  • human resource management
  • marketing
  • geographic information science
  • curriculum and instruction
  • educational leadership K-12
  • health and physical education

#5. Pennsylvania State University

pennsylvania state university

Pennsylvania State University’s online degrees are largely available through its world campus, which was specifically designed to house its online courses. Their bachelor’s degree offering has expanded over the years to include 34+ programs such as:
Tuition: $13,988

  • accounting
  • agribusiness management
  • digital multimedia design
  • economics
  • energy and sustainability policy
  • health policy and administration,
  • political science
  • security and risk analysis
  • turfgrass science

#6. Fort Hays State University

fort hays

For many years, Fort Hays State University has offered online programs, and its virtual college has grown to offer 36 bachelor’s degrees and 20 graduate degrees. Among the bachelor’s degrees available are the following:
Tuition: $14,832

  • business education
  • computer science
  • criminal justice
  • finance
  • health studies
  • computer networking and telecommunications
  • health informatics
  • web and mobile web application development

#7. Clarion University

clarion university

Tuition: $15,636
Clarion University provides 22 online bachelor’s degrees in areas such as:

  • library science
  • women and gender studies
  • global understanding
  • allied health leadership
  • medical imaging
  • applied science in technology leadership

Among the 10 graduate degrees available are programs such as:

  • clinical mental health counseling
  • applied data analytics
  • mass media arts and journalism
  • business administration

Is online learning right for you?

Online learning allows students unparalleled flexibility. Most online degree students are older than the usual college age and demand more flexibility to fit a degree into their already busy schedule. However, with more degrees being offered online and the first generation of internet users reaching college age, the online alternative is becoming more popular. How can you tell whether it’s a good fit?

It is a difficult question to answer, and you should ask yourself several before enrolling. Are you the type of person who can learn through videos? Would you feel at ease taking examinations online? Can you handle not interacting with your teachers and classmates in person?

Are you a self-motivated and disciplined individual? While online education is a fantastic option, it is not appropriate for all students. Online education provides unprecedented freedom at all levels if you want flexibility and are comfortable with the format and technology.

What Exactly Does an Online Bachelor’s Degree Get Me?

It may sound cliche, but a bachelor’s degree will earn you a job. According to the National Institute for Education Statistics, just 69% of those with a high school graduation worked full-time, year after year in 2016. In comparison, 79% of those with a bachelor’s degree have a higher level of education. Young adults with a bachelor’s degree earn an average of $50,000 a year, 57% more than those with only a high school diploma. Bachelor’s degrees can help you achieve your goal of working full-time year-round while also raising your pay rate. Not all majors are made equal. Some make more than others on average. That’s what we’ll look at next.

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