2nd Year Maths Paper Scheme 2022 for All Punjab Boards

It’s not uncommon for 12th-grade students to find mathematics challenging because it necessitates much practice to have a thorough grasp of the material. Students are given a copy of the second-year pairing scheme before the examinations so they may familiarize themselves with the questions that will be on the curriculum.

Furthermore, the partnering strategy for second-year math students in 2022 made it easier for them to concentrate on the most critical elements of the curriculum. In the second year of the math partnering method, students may easily achieve a high grade on the exam.

2nd Year Maths Paper Scheme 2022 for All Punjab Boards

Candidates that are interested in learning more about the math paper format for the 12th grade Students can now use this website to find out how the 2nd year math Punjab board pairing process works.

Multiple Choice Questions

12th Class Math Chapter No of MCQs
Chapter 01 02
Chapter 02 04
Chapter 03 04
Chapter 04 04
Chapter 05 01
Chapter 06 03
Chapter 07 02

Short Questions

Question No. 2

12th Class Math Chapter No. of Questions
Chapter 01 03
Chapter 02 09

Question No. 3

12th Class Math Chapter No. of Questions
Chapter 03 10
Chapter 05 02

Question No. 4

12th Class Math Chapter No. of Questions
Chapter 04 04
Chapter 06 04
Chapter 07 05

Long Questions

Question No. 5

(a) Chapter 1 and (b) Chapter 02

Question No. 6

(a) Chapter 3 (Ex # 3.1 – Ex # 3.5) and (b) Chapter 4 (Ex # 4.1 – Ex # 4.3)

Question No. 7

(a) Chapter 3 (Ex # 3.6 – Ex # 3.8) and (b) Chapter 5

Question No. 8

(a) Chapter 4 (Ex # 4.4 – Ex # 4.6) and (b) Chapter 6 (Ex # 6.2 – Ex # 6.3)

Question No. 9

(a) Chapter 6 (Ex # 6.4 – Ex # 6.9) and (b) Chapter 7

2nd Year Maths Paper Scheme 2022

The exam period is regarded as the most essential time for students, as they must devote all of their time and effort to preparing for and achieving the best possible results. Students may use the math pairing scheme for the 2nd year of 2022 to help them prepare for their examinations, as it gives all the information they need concerning the test format.

So, students in the 12th grade who are studying for their annual exams are encouraged to follow the paper-scheme class 12 2022 and study the smart syllabus 2022. In addition to mathematics, students may also get the paper schemes for physics, biology, and chemistry.

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