Zong Snack Video Packages: Daily Weekly and Monthly

Another social application has become popular. Just like TikTok, now Snack video can be found, and many mobile broadband providers are making something entertaining of the new lunch video social app snack video. Therefore Zong Snack Video package is ready to introduce.  

We’ve confirmed the report that Zong will give you a special snack video package at a very cheap price, and they will shortly come with a massive data package. The company operates in multiple bundles which meet its users’ requirements and can first provide a weekly package.  

Then the monthly packages can also be launched. The price is similar to or a little bit more or less than the Zong Tiktok package.  

However, multiple Zong packages are available to enjoy the full snack video features. The package that we propose is called the 3-day Zong Package to only get 1GB of Rs. 50. You must dial *3433# to get this offer.  

Zong offers to people that love snack videos themselves a special offer, and soon they will provide huge data at an affordable price. Different bundles function according to the customer’s needs and can be provided daily weekly and monthly packages. You can use any video package in snack video according to your requirements.    

Zong Snack Video Packages

Daily, weekly, and monthly, we’ll provide you Zong snack videos to choose your requirements.    

Zong Daily Snack video Package

Zong offers a daily internet snack video package if you want to subscribe at multiple pricing rates. Snack Video Bundle subscribe.  

Package NameZong Daily Snack Video Package
incentive100 MB for Snack Video
Validity1 Day
How to SubscribeDial *6464#
How to Check Remaining MB*102#

Note: You can find pricing and packages with a menu summary if you dial activation code *6464# and click the button send, then you can find Zong Daily Basic Packages or the package you are using.  

Package NameDAILY DATA MAXPriceRs.49incentive500 MB for Snack VideoValidity1 DayHow to SubscribeDial *#How to Check Remaining MB*102#

Zong Weekly Snack video Packages

Zong always offers the best packages at low prices for subscribers so you can only enjoy more data with weekly snack video packages.  

Package NameZong Snack Video Weekly Package
incentive3GB for Snack Video
Validity7 Days
How to SubscribeDial *6464#
How to Check Remaining MBDial*102#
Package NameZong Snack Video Weekly offer
incentive8GB for Snack Video
Validity7 Days
How to SubscribeDial *20#
How to Check Remaining MBDial *102#
Package NameZong stay home Package
incentive10GB internet for Snack Video Daily 6AM to 6PM
Validity7 Days
How to SubscribeDial *343#
How to Check Remaining MBDial *102#
Package NameZong MEGA DATA OFFER
incentive100GB internet for Snack Video Daily (1AM to 9AM)
Validity7 Days
How to SubscribeDial *80#
How to Check Remaining MBDial *102#

Zong Monthly Snack Video Package

Zong provides a monthly internet package to be activated. The following are all details about these Zong Snack Video monthly packages.  

Package NameDetailsPriceMONTHLY MINI 150150MB dataRs.50 Plus Tax, Dial *6464#MONTHLY BASIC 500500MB internet for Snack Video Daily (1AM to 9AM)Rs.150 Plus Tax, Dial *6464#SUPER MONTHLY OFFER5GB dataRs.290, Dial *6464#SUPER MONTHLY PLUS20GB dataRs.550, Dial *3#ZONG SUPER CARD6GB internet dataRs.675, Dial *50#MONTHLY SUPREME OFFER12GB dataRs.85, Dial *3030#


We explain to you about Zong Snack Video internet packages daily, weekly, and monthly. Any package can be subscribed to. Max Zong provides additional internet packages and not only weekly snack packages for use with the Snack Video app that can be used daily and monthly.

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