Zong 4G Unveils Exclusive Roaming Data Bundles for Seamless Connectivity in Turkey

Zong 4G has introduced exclusive roaming data bundles for its customers traveling to Turkey. This initiative is aimed at catering to the evolving needs of modern travelers, whether they are visiting Turkey for business or leisure.

The new offer includes a variety of data packages, ranging from 1GB to 5GB. These packages are designed to provide ample resources for travelers to share their experiences, browse the internet, and navigate through Turkey’s attractions with ease. The company believes that this offer will particularly appeal to young, data-savvy travelers who prioritize internet connectivity over extensive call or text message bundles.

Customers can activate these data bundles conveniently through the MY ZONG APP or by dialing *4255#. The bundles are available for durations of 15, 30, and 45 days, making them suitable for both short-term and long-term stays in Turkey. The prices for the data bundles start from Rs. 1,600 +Tax for the 1GB package, Rs. 4,200 +Tax for the 3GB package, and Rs. 6,500 + Tax for the 5GB package.

Turkey Data IR offer (1GB)PrepaidRs. 1,600 +Tax
Turkey Data IR offer (3GB)PrepaidRs. 4,200 +Tax
Turkey Data IR offer (5GB)PrepaidRs. 6,500 + Tax

A spokesperson for Zong 4G stated that the company recognizes the unique needs of Gen Z and specializes in creating tailor-made offers for them. The new Turkey Bundle is designed to ensure that customers can stay online in the most affordable way possible during their stay in Turkey.

This move by Zong 4G aligns with the company’s commitment to delivering seamless and affordable connectivity solutions, prioritizing customer convenience. The introduction of these exclusive roaming data bundles for Turkey is a testament to Zong 4G’s dedication to enhancing the travel experience for its customers.

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