YouTube’s Enhanced 1080p Video Quality Now Accessible on Desktops

YouTube has recently launched its “enhanced bitrate” 1080p videos for all Premium users on desktop platforms. This feature was initially introduced to iOS devices in April after a public test and is now available to a wider audience.

The enhanced bitrate option is not exclusive to Premium users. Even those who do not subscribe to YouTube Premium will notice the “Enhanced bitrate” option appearing on various videos across the platform. This option can be found under the “1080p Premium” category. However, clicking on it prompts users to subscribe to YouTube Premium. Interestingly, this feature is now accessible in Pakistan as well.

Despite the introduction of the enhanced bitrate option, YouTube continues to offer the standard version of the 1080p video quality to all users, regardless of whether they are Premium subscribers or not. For those who choose to purchase the Premium subscription, YouTube assures an improved viewing experience with videos appearing “extra crisp and clear,” particularly for content rich in detail and motion.

In addition to desktops and iOS devices, the enhanced bitrate option is gradually being rolled out to other devices such as game consoles and TVs. Android users, however, will have to wait a little longer to access this feature. Although it was spotted by a few users in June, it is not yet widely available for Android. Nevertheless, given its appearance, it is expected that the launch for Android is imminent.

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