YouTube Tests Redesigned Ad Skip Button, Making Ad Skipping More Difficult

YouTube is reportedly testing a new design for its ad skip button, potentially making it more difficult for users to bypass advertisements. The redesigned button is smaller and less noticeable, raising concerns among some users about the ease of skipping ads.

The move comes as YouTube has been increasing the frequency of ads in its videos. The new button is not only smaller but also more inconspicuous, featuring smaller text and a higher level of transparency. It will also have a curved design for a modern look, and the word “ads” will be written in lowercase letters.

YouTube has justified this change by stating that the redesign aims to provide a more consistent user experience, aligning with the updated look and feel of the platform announced last year. However, the new design has sparked concerns among users who fear it may make skipping ads more challenging.

Google Ads expert Thomas Eccel has also noticed the change, stating, “Spotted this really small ‘Skip ads’ button; it seems like Google is testing this new button. It has a new format and is way smaller than the normal ‘skip’ box. If this gets rolled out, it will affect the view rate and the spend on the campaigns.”

However, there is still hope for those concerned about the change. The redesigned ad skip button is currently in the testing phase and may not ultimately be introduced to all users. The timeline for its potential rollout to all YouTube users remains uncertain. As such, users will need to stay tuned for further updates on this development.

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