What does WYO, WYS, WYD & WYA mean on Snapchat?

Snapchat is one of the influential social media platforms which is gaining popularity over time. It is an American multimedia application for sending instant messages. One of the important features of Snapchat is that it can send messages and pictures for a short time. After this time, the media becomes inaccessible to both the sender and the recipient.

Snapchat helps you protect your private data as the data automatically disappears after a certain period of time. Other features offered by Snapchat include sending short videos where anyone can create new content.

In addition to creating new content and exchanging instant messages with your friend, specific acronyms are used on this platform to make chatting more accessible. These acronyms are also gaining popularity in the daily lives of their users, especially teenagers.

Acronyms are the short form of phrases that we speak in our daily routine. If you are one of the users of this application, you must know some of its acronyms, such as WYO. This one is interesting; let’s take a look;

What does WYO mean on Snapchat?

Sometimes it becomes difficult to catch up with the daily changing trends of society. This app is where most of the acronym becomes trending. WYO is a trending acronym on Snapchat that stands for “What you on”. This phrase is used during a conversation to ask the other person what their daily schedule is and if they are available to spend time with you.

WYO helps to know the availability of the person. It lets you know what your friends are doing. This phrase has earned a prominent place in the world of Snapchat; This lets you know the other person’s plans in detail.

In other words, WYO also stands for “what are you trying to say?” The meaning of the sentence changes depending on the current conversation and the context of your conversation. Your friends and colleagues may use this slang when you are on vacation or on vacation with your family or friends.

What are the origins of WYO?

The actual origins of this term are still unknown. After discovering the use of this word for the first time, they concluded that WYO became a renowned slang in the world of Snapchat in 2015. WYO became popular after the texting world became famous and people are geared towards text messages.

Urban Dictionary added WYO in 2017; WYO is part of the texting world after this dictionary amendment. WYO is an informal means of communication. Please do not use this word in formal communication as it is unethical.

How to use WYO in a sentence?

There can be a wide range of scenarios in which you can use WYO in a sentence. Let’s take a look at some of these scenarios;

  1. Mike and James are school friends and are currently on summer vacation. Mike decides to take James;
  • Mike: Hey, WYO?
  • James: Nm (not much), I just watch TV. You ?
  • Mike: I’m just trying to come up with a plan to finish my summer homework.
  1. Susan and Alice are colleagues, and it’s the weekend. So, Susan decides to go out to dinner with Alice.
  • Susan: Hey, WYO?
  • Alice: Are you bored?
  • Suzanne: Same; Want to go out to dinner?
  • Alice: Of course.

What are the uses of WYO in Snapchat?

WYO is part of different scenarios, such as;

  • If you want to talk about the other person’s plan
  • If you want to know your friend’s current activity.
  • If you text a person after a long time or the first time, the meaning of this phrase turns into a greeting.
  • You can use this phrase to make plans with the other person.
  • You can ask WYO if you want to know something in detail.

How to use WYO on Snapchat?

There are several ways to use WYO on Snapchat such as;


There are a variety of stickers that you can send to your friends to express your feelings. Many stickers on Snapchat say WYO and all the slang if you can’t find the corresponding sticker on Snapchat. Just open stickers and write WYO in the search bar. slang will appear at the top.


To use WYO in text, type WYO after opening the inbox of the person you want to interview; This is the most convenient method of asking someone. If you want to add a little trend in your post, you can also click on any snap, write WYO from text on image option and then send it to all your friends you want to ask that.

WYO text on snap looks trendy if you send your friend’s snap at a party and write this on it to tease your friend. Many people primarily use WYO in texts, which has grown in popularity overnight.


Snapchat is famous for the cartoons and cameos it has in store. Thanks to this cameo, Snapchat clicks a photo of your face and adds your face on different animations and stickers. These cameos are available for your friends. You can also view these cameos from your friends on your cameo page.

Snapchat has many slangs written about these cameos. This way there will be an image of your face in animation with a text written WYO and many more which you choose. You can send these cameos to your friend in their inbox to make things trendy.

You can also add the WYO text by typing WYO in the text field and then opening the cameo, your right icon. Pick the cameo you think is appropriate and send it to the one you have in mind.

What is the difference between WYO and WYD?

Many other slangs and expressions are present on Snapchat including; JMJ? WHY ? etc The expression WYO is somewhat similar to WYD; “What are you doing?” This phrase also means the same as WYO.

The only small difference between WYO and WYD is that when we say WYD we mean making new plans instead of catching up with a friend or saying hello. This WYD is like saying I’m not doing anything and I want to know if you’re accessible so we can do something together.

In summary, WYO and WYD are similar, and the meaning changes depending on the context. WYD is also used during a conversation to know what the other person is doing while they are texting you. JMJ goes into communication like;

A: Hey, JMJ?

B: Not much; You want to go to the cinema ?

A: Of course.

Words similar to WIO

There are many other acronyms used on Snapchat similar to WYO;


LMK is abbreviated as “Let me know” You use this phrase to get an update on something you are working on or if you are waiting for an update on something. You use this acronym to know something that interests you.


WYS is as trendy as WYO and stands for “Whatever You Say?” You use this word when you don’t know what the other person is talking about or there is miscommunication between you. You use this phrase when you don’t understand the meaning of what someone just said. For instance;

A: Did you deliver the package I asked for?

B: Why?


WAY stands for “Where you at?” You use this word to find out the current location of the person or if the person was supposed to be at a place and didn’t. So you use that slang to let them know you’re expecting. This WYA acronym has grown in popularity overnight and has become one of the most widely used slangs. For instance;

A: Hey, it’s already 2 p.m., WYA?

B: On the way, I arrive in 10!


DYK stands for “Did you know? and is used to share something you know and want to ask him if he knows you or you want to pass on a message and say DYK at the end. This expression is widely used on Snapchat by many news agencies and other media companies adding content to Snapchat. If they want to communicate a new story to the world, they use this slang to add excitement to the news line or on the news cover page.


FYI stands for “for your information”. You can add it before your text to let them know you’re about to tell your friend something.


MK stands for “Mm ok” People use it in the most informal way of communication. You say this when you say yes to a question or statement; MK can be a request or a command. You also use this word to confirm a particular statement.


ICYMI means “I case you missed it”. You use this slang when you want to let your friend know that they missed a snap you sent. Snapchat users also use this phrase in a conversation to tell the other person that they don’t understand their point of view and are not catching up on the conversation.

Last words

The latest trend of these acronyms will take up a major share of many social media apps in no time. Knowing how these acronyms are used in the world of social media is essential. The complete guide above is about different acronyms, phrases, slang and their uses in a conversation. This little guide to modern and fashionable changes in the technological world of language does not harm anyone.

Some people find it difficult to understand and grasp these slangs and acronyms because they are not familiar with these words before; This article gives all the essential information about the different phrases used on Snapchat. This guide to acronyms will save you the embarrassment of going numb when any of the slangs mentioned above come up in front of you.

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