WhatsApp Brings Two New Updates To Its Web Version

According to WaBetaInfo, Meta’s WhatsApp is releasing two new features for its online users. These updates include a new chat share sheet and a new emoji panel.

WaBetaInfo, an app-tracking website, has revealed that WhatsApp’s two new features, the chat share sheet, and the revamped emoji panel, are now being evaluated by a small number of beta testers. These capabilities will be made available to a bigger audience shortly, as WhatsApp wants to progressively roll them out to more users.

WhatsApp, an instant messaging service, is constantly updating and improving its web version, as well as its Windows and macOS platforms. The firm prioritizes the development of new features that aim to improve the overall user experience.


WhatsApp has redesigned the conversation share sheet, making it more compact and identifying each item.

The emoji panel has been redesigned, with a noticeable difference in the look. It used to take up the whole bottom of the screen, but a recent update made it display individually and in a lower size, alongside the sticker and GIF tabs.

WhatsApp has been making changes to the interface design to improve the overall user experience.

Windows native app updates

WhatsApp has released two updates for its Windows native client, delivering substantial enhancements to the user experience. The initial update added a function called ‘keep messages,’ which allowed users to retain some messages from deleting. This feature was initially offered to beta testers.

The option to prevent messages from deleting isn’t new to WhatsApp; it’s already available in the mobile applications and the Desktop Electron version of the platform. Users can ensure that individual messages remain displayed rather than fading over time by selecting the ‘keep’ option in the message menu.

These saved messages are immediately accessible from the chat details page, giving users an easy method to go back to critical conversations. Users retain complete discretion over message retention and can choose to let communications expire as normal by selecting the ‘upkeep’ option.

WhatsApp also released a revised message menu with a new responses bar, in addition to the ‘keep messages’ function. This version introduces a button that allows users to rapidly respond to a message by sending a reaction. The responses bar, which has been integrated into the redesigned menu, enhances the user experience and allows for more effective communication.

These improvements demonstrate WhatsApp’s dedication to improving its UI and delivering new features that improve the user experience. WhatsApp promises to deliver a more intuitive and user-friendly messaging platform by allowing users to save critical messages and streamlining the process of responding to messages.

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