VU Pakistan Announces Spring 2023 Final Term Exam Format

Virtual University (VU) of Pakistan has released the guidelines and question format for the upcoming Spring 2023 Final Term Examinations. The university has provided a clear and concise paper pattern to aid students in their exam preparation and performance.

The examination will consist of a total of 50 questions, out of which students are required to attempt a maximum of 40. The duration of the exam is set at 90 minutes, with the total marks attainable standing at 60.

The exam will be divided into two sections: Multiple-Choice Questions (MCQs) and Subjective Questions. The MCQs section will comprise 40 questions, out of which the best 33 responses will be considered for grading. This means that students have the flexibility to answer all questions but only their top 33 answers will contribute to their final score.

The Subjective Questions section will include six questions of 3-marks each, and four questions carrying 5-marks each. Students are expected to answer four out of the six 3-mark questions and three out of the four 5-mark questions for grading purposes.

To summarize, the MCQs will account for 33 marks, while the subjective questions will contribute 27 marks, making up a total of 60 marks.

VU Pakistan has advised students to regularly check the Course Announcement Section for any potential updates or modifications concerning the exam pattern. This proactive approach will ensure that students remain well-prepared and equipped to excel in their Spring 2023 Final Term Examinations.

With these guidelines and question format, VU Pakistan aims to facilitate effective exam preparation and performance for its students. The university encourages all candidates to make the most of this information to achieve their best possible results.


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