United Motorcycle Prices in Pakistan From 9 May 2023

The statements by Atlas Honda and Yamaha have triggered a new round of price increases in the two-wheeler sector. United just raised the pricing of its most popular bikes by a slight amount.

The following new pricing will take effect on May 9:

BikesCurrent Prices (Rs.)New Prices (Rs.)Increase (Rs.)
US 70106,500109,5003,000
US 100112,000115,0003,000
US 125159,500164,5005,000

Surprisingly, the bike manufacturer did not raise the pricing of its US 100 Scooty, US 150, or electric motorcycles. It also made unclear the cause of the hike.

According to current official data, a major portion of bike production in Pakistan has been localized. This gives motorbike manufacturers little motive to raise prices so regularly and by such big margins.

Because of recent price increases, brand-new motorcycles have been out of reach for the majority of purchasers. People have demanded that the government pay attention to the issue, but have received no response from the relevant parties.

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