UAE to Support Some Low-income Workers with Discounts on Water and Electricity Bills

In a laudable move, UAE President Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan directed the Ministry of Community Development to work with Etihad Water and Electricity to assist low-income farmers suffering financial difficulties.

The Ministry of Community Development, in collaboration with Etihad Water and Electricity, has launched a farmer subsidy scheme that will begin in July 2023.

This initiative will assist low-income farmers by lowering the amount they must pay on their monthly power and water bills.

As part of its overall strategy to develop the economy in this area, the UAE also outlined ambitious plans to improve the agriculture industry last month.

Farms could operate holiday houses and offer tourism activities on their property under the proposals. Those seeking to engage in tourism-related businesses on agricultural property will be forced to get a license and utilize only up to 30% of their land for this purpose.

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