Twitter (X) Introduces Audio and Video Calls

Twitter (X) has finally introduced audio and video call support. This feature is currently available only on iOS devices. The new functionality was spotted by users within the direct message section of the app before an official announcement was made.

Elon Musk announced the feature on X, stating that it is still in its early stages. The iOS app now allows users to initiate audio or video calls, offering them the flexibility to choose their preferences for receiving such calls. These could be from contacts in their address book, people they are following, or verified users.

The launch of video calls was confirmed by X CEO Linda Yaccarino in August, although she did not specify an exact release date. She stated that this addition was part of the platform’s transition into an “everything app.” However, it remains unclear whether this new feature will be accessible to all users or exclusively to those with an X Premium membership.

Elon Musk clarified the functionality of this feature, stating that it would be compatible with iOS, Android, Mac, and PC. Users would not need a phone number to utilize it. Musk described this enhancement as the transformation of the platform into an “effective global address book.”

As per Musk indicated that it will evolve over time. However, the specifics of how it will develop are yet to be revealed. This move marks a significant step in X’s journey to become a comprehensive social networking platform.

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