Toyota to Launch an Affordable Electric Car by 2026

Toyota said this week at its 2023 financial results news conference that it will introduce ten battery electric vehicle (BEV) models by 2026 in the premium, SUV, small, sedan, commercial, MPV, and sports categories.

CEO Koji Sato recommended hatchback EVs for ASEAN growing markets. The sedan sector lacked well-defined pictures, implying that the developing market product is still in the works.

Toyota Vice President Hiroki Nakajima announced the 10-model launch and the establishment of a new EV manufacturing plant in April. According to Sato’s speech, new platforms, powertrains, and technological equipment will be utilized in the 2026 EV vehicles. By 2026, the Japanese manufacturer hopes to sell 1.5 million BEVs.

Toyota stated this week that it will restructure its electric vehicle (EV) business by dissolving its zero-emissions vehicle (ZEV) unit and establishing a BEV factory, a dedicated entity that will expedite EV development and commercial growth.

According to the corporation, it intends to provide a number of environmentally efficient powertrain alternatives. However, EV development will now take precedence.

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