Today Egg Rate List in Karachi 2023

Eggs are a staple food item in Karachi, as well as globally, due to their affordability, nutritional value, and versatility in cooking. The growing demand for eggs in the city underscores their importance, particularly as a key component of the morning meal.

Egg Rate List Today in Karachi 2023

Recognizing this, the government is actively working to maintain reasonable egg prices to ensure they remain within reach for consumers, while simultaneously fostering the development of the poultry sector across Pakistan, with a special focus on Karachi.

MARKETPiece1 Dozen
Egg RateRs.23.00Rs.260.00
Retail RateRs.23.40Rs.260.80
Wholesale RateRs.25.90Rs.265.00
Super Market RateRs.27.00Rs.289.00

For those interested in the most current egg rates in Karachi, it is recommended to refer to the government’s official website for the latest updates or to inquire at local shops for day-to-day prices. Additionally, the website provides daily updates on chicken and egg prices across various cities in Pakistan, including Karachi.

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