Speculation Rises Over President Alvi’s Potential Announcement of Election Date Within 72 Hours

In the midst of swirling rumors and speculation, it appears that President Arif Alvi may be on the verge of announcing the date for the upcoming general elections in Pakistan. These speculations have been fueled by reports of a clandestine meeting held at the President’s House, also known as Aiwan-e-Sadr, where the president’s office is located.

The meeting, which took place on the fourth floor of the building, was shrouded in secrecy. The area was declared off-limits, with staff members being restricted from entering during the course of the meeting. Despite the intense curiosity surrounding the event, no official statement has been released by the President’s House regarding the nature or purpose of the meeting.

However, the current political climate in the country has led to a flurry of conjecture on social media platforms. Many believe that President Alvi could announce the date for the general elections within the next 72 hours. This belief is further bolstered by the fact that the president had previously written a letter to the chief election commissioner requesting a meeting to set the date for the forthcoming elections.

Despite this, the chief election commissioner declined the meeting, citing Article 57 of the Election Act 2017, which grants the commission the authority to set the election date. The Ministry of Law echoed this sentiment in response to the president’s request for advice.

There are also speculations that the president could announce the election date under Article 58 of the constitution, making the recent meeting particularly significant. Other potential topics of discussion at the meeting could include amendments to the Army Act and the Official Secrets Act, which the president has previously stated he did not sign or ratify.

Another point of interest is the impending end of President Alvi’s term on September 8. While there has been no confirmation from the President House regarding his plans post-term, the Constitution allows the president to remain in office until a new president arrives.

As the nation waits with bated breath, it remains to be seen whether these speculations will come to fruition. The next 72 hours could potentially bring about significant changes in the political landscape of Pakistan.

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