Shaheen Afridi Expresses Confidence in Pakistan’s Victory at 2023 Asia Cup

Shaheen Shah Afridi expressed his strong belief that Pakistan will secure victory in the 2023 Asia Cup. Afridi attributed this confidence to the team’s thorough preparation for the event.

Afridi highlighted the importance of the players’ extensive experience in matches held in Sri Lanka, which he believes will be crucial during the later stages of the tournament. He stated, “Pakistan will win the Asia Cup, we have prepared very well. We have played Test cricket in Sri Lanka and then ODIs, and the players also participated in franchise cricket.”

He further emphasized the unity within the team, stating that the players support each other and spend more time together than with their own families. Their collective goal is to make their country proud and happy.

Discussing the conditions for the Asian event, particularly in Sri Lanka, Afridi mentioned that the flat pitch tends to favor spin bowlers. Despite the challenges that come with ODI cricket, such as having only four fielders outside the circle, Afridi assured that the team has prepared the best they could.

Afridi also praised his fellow pace partners, particularly Haris Rauf, who he believes plays the most challenging role when it comes to bowling. Despite the difficulties, Rauf has consistently provided breakthroughs for the team. Afridi also shared insights into the bond he shares with Rauf, stating that they have been together since 2018, sharing both good and bad times, and always communicating effectively on and off the field.

In conclusion, Afridi expressed his optimism about Pakistan’s performance in the upcoming Asia Cup, attributing it to the team’s comprehensive preparation, unity, and individual player skills.

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