Saudi Arabia Boosts Educational Opportunities with Additional Scholarships for Pakistani Students

Saudi Arabia has declared an increase in its scholarship program for Pakistani students. This move is set to further strengthen the educational ties between the two nations.

The Pakistani embassy in Riyadh confirmed that the Saudi Arabian government has decided to offer an additional 100 fully funded scholarships to Pakistani students. This comes on top of the 600 scholarships already provided, bringing the total number of scholarships to 700.

These scholarships are open to both Pakistani students residing in Saudi Arabia and those in Pakistan. However, the majority of these scholarships, 75% to be precise, will be awarded to students living in Pakistan, while the remaining will go to those currently residing in Saudi Arabia.

The scholarships cover various academic levels, including Diploma, Bachelors, Masters, and PhD programs. They will be offered across 25 prestigious Saudi universities, providing Pakistani students with a wide range of opportunities to pursue their academic aspirations.

This initiative reflects the Kingdom’s commitment to fostering educational growth and development among Pakistani youth. Thousands of Pakistani students are already studying in top universities worldwide, demonstrating the immense talent and potential that the country’s youth possess.

For those interested in availing this opportunity, more information can be found on the official website. This move by Saudi Arabia is expected to further enhance the academic prospects of Pakistani students and contribute to the intellectual capital of both nations.

Anum Waleed

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