10 Richest Cities in India 2022

Richest Cities in India: Have you ever tried to know about the 10 richest cities in India? Most of us till now have only been reading which are the 10 largest cities in India (10 richest cities in India), which cities in India have the highest population or (10 richest cities) Which are the cities of India? Largest by area or density? We don’t have correct information about them either.

But today we will tell you the most interesting statistics about cities in India (the richest city in India). How would you like to know which city in India is so rich and what are its other personalities? Find out if your city or any city in your state should be on this list. So today we will share with you the list of 10 richest cities in India.

10 Richest Cities in India

Now talking about the richest cities in India, you must also know how it is estimated or what is its basis. In fact, to know the richest cities in India, the per capita income of the people here, the budget of the municipality or (which is the richest city in India) the municipal corporation, the construction work going on there, the total amount of people, etc. are decided by many. Factors are taken into consideration.

All these factors are combined and studied on a comparative basis. There are many other things that add up to different percentages (the richest city in India). Finally, a list of the richest cities in the country has been prepared. Let’s know about the richest cities in the country in order.

#1 Mumbai, Maharashtra

We all know that the political capital of the country is called Delhi, while Mumbai holds the status of economic capital. It is no longer called the economic capital as such, but Mumbai has the most money in the country, hence it’s status as the economic capital of the country (which is the richest city in India).

Mumbai city of India State of Maharashtra Located in India, it was first named Bombay by the British government that ruled India. It is also called the city of dreams because every day thousands of young people come to make their careers in acting, fashion, modeling, etc. This Mayanagari is also called because Bollywood is here.

If we talk about the money available in Mumbai, it will be calculated in GDP (the richest city in India). Thus the total GDP of Mumbai is $607 billion. The population living here is more than 12.5 million and this city is spread over an area of ​​603 km ie 233 square meters.

According to this calculation, the density here is 21 thousand per km. The official language of Mumbai city is Marathi, but Hindi is widely spoken here.

#2 New Delhi, Union Territory and Capital of India (New Delhi, India)

Now when it comes to the richest cities in the country, of course, Mumbai beats it, but the capital of the country Delhi is not far behind. This is the reason why Delhi ranks second after Mumbai in the list of richest cities in the country.

Delhi being the capital of this country we are also home to many companies, institutions, and businesses. It is also home to many of the grand houses of the country. Along with it, dignitaries of the country and the Prime Minister and the President of the country are staying here. The official language of Delhi is Hindi, but citizens of every state in India live here.

If we talk about the GDP of Delhi, it is $370 billion according to metro GDP/PPP. Whereas according to Nominal it is equal to 9.23 lakh crore rupees which will be about 120 billion US dollars.

Talking about the area of ​​Delhi is 1484 km ie 573 square meters. Apart from this, about 1.7 million people live in Delhi. Thus the density of Delhi is 11,312 per km.

#3 Kolkata or Calcutta, West Bengal

At one time the name Kolkata was spoken all over the country. It is also the capital of West Bengal, a large state in India. Kolkata was also the capital of India before Delhi and it was given great importance during the British era. But in the last few decades, Kolkata has been ruined by its politicians. Now there is less money and more corruption.

Well, if we talk about the specialty of Kolkata, then it is called the talent hub of India. That is, most of India’s talent originates from the city of Kolkata which goes to other states of India. Also, if we talk about the area of ​​Kolkata, it is 206 km which makes a total of 80 square meters.

Along with this, the number of people living in Kolkata is around 45 lakhs. According to this, the density of Kolkata city is 22 thousand per km. If we talk about the GDP of Kolkata, it is 150 billion dollars.

That is why Kolkata is considered one of the richest cities in India. The language of Kolkata is Bengali followed by Hindi as the second most spoken language.

#4 Bangalore or Bangalore, Karnataka (Bangalore, Karnataka)

This South Indian city is not only famous for its wealth but it is also a big city in the field of software engineering which is compared to many cities in America. Let us assume that every major software company in India will have an office in this city in India. Along with this, this city is also known as the Silicon Valley of India.

About 8.5 million people live in Bangalore, the capital city of Karnataka. However, it is difficult to tell the figures to the people living here. This is because lakhs of people work here and live in flats, PGs, or hostels. The area of ​​Bangalore is about 741 km i.e. 286 square meters.

If we talk about Bangalore city being the richest city in India, it is not only because of its GDP but also thousands of software companies operating here.

In a way, because of the software company in the city of Bangalore, the city is ranked fourth in the list of richest cities in India. The GDP of Bangalore city is USD 110 billion. The official language here is Kannada.

#5 Chennai, Tamil Nadu

Named fifth in the list of richest cities in India and named after Bangalore is also a city in South India. The name of this city is Chennai which you must have heard many times in movies, serials, etc. Many consider Chennai to be the epitome of South India. This is because the real South India can be seen only from Chennai.

Actually, there are many software companies in Chennai like Bangalore city. It is also the capital of the southern Indian state of Tamil Nadu. The official language here is Tamil. Although people from almost every state in India come to work here, Tamil is the dominant language.

If we talk about the area of ​​Chennai city, it is 426 km ie 165 square meters. Along with this, the population here is 71 lakh. Accordingly, the density of Chennai city is 17 thousand per km. Talking about the GDP of Chennai city is around 80 to 90 billion USD.

#6 Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh

Among the richest cities in the country, the name of the three cities of South India comes continuously. Now that Bangalore and Chennai have made it to the list, how can Hyderabad be left behind? Hence, Hyderabad ranks sixth on the list of richest cities in India.

The city of Hyderabad is located in the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh and is also its capital. However, since the partition of Andhra Pradesh, Hyderabad city has been separated from Andhra Pradesh and included in the state of Telangana. The official language here is Telugu. This city is also known as the city of pearls. Here you will find many types of biscuits and different types of fruits.

If we talk about the area of ​​Hyderabad city, it is 650 km ie 250 square meters. Talking about the population here, it is around 70 lakhs. Accordingly, the density of Hyderabad city reaches 10,477 per km. Hyderabad city has a total GDP of US$ 40-74 billion.

#7 Pune, Maharashtra

Mumbai, a city in Maharashtra, tops the list of richest cities in India, but Pune, a city located near Mumbai, also ranks seventh in the list of top 10 cities. This city is also known as the Oxford City of India.

Pune city is not far from Mumbai city. That’s why many people prefer to stay in Pune city away from the hustle and bustle of Mumbai. Along with this, many software companies also have their offices in Pune. On one hand, Mumbai has fashion trends and Pune has software engineers. The official language of Pune city is also Marathi but the main language here is Hindi.

If we talk about the area of ​​Pune city, it is 516 km which is around 200 square meters. Pune city has less population than Mumbai but it is more in itself. Pune has a population of around 5 million. Accordingly, the density of Pune city is 9700 per km. So the GDP of the same Pune city can be estimated at Rs 3.4 lakh crore.

#8. Ahmedabad, Gujarat

Gujarat is the richest and most famous state of India where the Prime Minister and Home Minister of our country hail from. The city of Ahmedabad in the same state is called Karnavati by the people there. This is because the Mughal invader Ahmed Shah changed the original name of this city from Karnavati to Ahmedabad. This Karnavati city is ranked eighth in the list of 10 richest cities in India.

The official language of Ahmedabad city is Gujarati, but all the people here also know Hindi. Also, it is very close to Gandhinagar, the capital of Gujarat. The main reason for having money in Ahmedabad is the textile business here. That is why it is also called the textile hub of India.

If we talk about the population of Ahmedabad city, it is around 83 lakhs. The total area of ​​Ahmedabad city is 505 km ie 195 square meters.

Thus, the density of Ahmedabad city reaches 16 thousand per km. Now let’s also know the reason why Ahmedabad is the richest, which is its GDP. So the total GDP of Ahmedabad city is 68 billion USD.

#9 Surat, Gujarat

Now when it comes to Ahmedabad, how can Surat, the second most important city in Gujarat, be left behind? That too is when most of the businessmen and rich people of Gujarat live in Surat. Actually, Surat is most famous for the diamond trade. Now how can a city that deals in diamonds survive without being included in the list of rich cities?

The official language of Surat city is Gujarati. Apart from this, the people of the Patidar community also live here in abundance. The city is also located near the coastal area of ​​Gujarat. Also, people from almost all the states of the country come here to do business. By the way, the entire Gujarat is very famous for businessmen. For this reason, Gujarat has also got the status of a merchant-oriented state.

If we talk about the area of ​​Surat, the beautiful city of Gujarat, it is a total of 475 km which is 183 square meters. Along with this, the population of Surat city is about 62 lakhs. Now let’s talk about Surat city’s money i.e. GDP. So the total GDP of Surat city is estimated at 57 billion USD.

#10. Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh

Hyderabad is on the list of the 10 richest cities in India, but now it is not in Andhra Pradesh it has become a city in Telangana. In such a case, Visakhapatnam, the second and most famous city of Andhra Pradesh, is in last place on this list. This famous city is also known as Vizag which is its short form.

Visakhapatnam is a coastal city in Andhra Pradesh. It is the second largest seaport city in India after Chennai, with a large volume of foreign trade. These are among the major factors of its being a rich city. The official language of Visakhapatnam is Telugu and it is the main language spoken here.

If we talk about the area of ​​Visakhapatnam city, it is about 682 km ie 263 square meters. The total population here is only around 17 lakhs. This means that the population here is very less compared to other rich cities in India. If we talk about the GDP of Visakhapatnam, it is USD 44 billion.

10 Richest Cities in India – Related FAQs

Question: Which is the richest district in India?

Answer: The richest district in India is Jaipur which is also the capital of the state of Rajasthan.

Question: Which is the richest city in the world?

Answer: The richest city in the world is New York in America.

Question: Which is the richest city in India?

Answer: The capital of Maharashtra is Mumbai, the richest city in India followed by Delhi.

Question: What is the name of the richest country in the world?

Answer: America is the richest country in the world.

Question: Which state has the most money?

Answer: Maharashtra state has the most money among all states in India.

So today we know. What are the 10 richest cities in India (Richest Cities in India) What state do they come from, along with what is their GDP, what is their area, how many people live there, what is their official language, and some other important information about that country?

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