Rain in Bengaluru May Upset Pakistan’s World Cup Semi-Final Prospects

BENGALURU – The city of Bengaluru is under a rain threat that could potentially disrupt the crucial World Cup match between Pakistan and New Zealand, scheduled for November 4, 2023. The weather forecast predicts a 70% chance of rainfall could impact Pakistan’s semi-final aspirations.

The match, set to commence at 10.30 am, is of paramount importance for Pakistan, who need to secure a victory against New Zealand to keep their semi-final hopes alive. A washout would severely dent their chances of progressing to the next stage of this prestigious event.

It’s worth noting that not only does Pakistan need to win, but they also need to do so by a substantial margin to stay in contention. An 84-run victory would elevate Pakistan above New Zealand in terms of net run rate. However, if the match is washed out due to rain, both teams will receive one point each, leaving the net run rate unaffected.

In the event of a washout, the points will be split between the two teams, resulting in Pakistan having 7 points and New Zealand having 9. If Pakistan manages to defeat England and New Zealand loses to Sri Lanka, both teams will have 9 points. The team with the better net run rate will then qualify for the semi-finals.

This looming rain threat adds an extra layer of tension to an already high-stakes match, as the outcome could drastically alter the course of the tournament for both teams. As the cricket world watches with bated breath, the weather in Bengaluru may well play a decisive role in shaping the semi-final lineup of the World Cup 2023.

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