QAU ADP BS Revised Datesheet 2023

Quaid-i-Azam University’s Directorate of Affiliated Colleges has announced the postponement of the ADP and BS Terminal Examinations for Spring-2023. This decision aligns with the university’s commitment to ensuring a smooth examination process for its students amidst recent developments.

Earlier this year, the university had released a comprehensive Date Sheet Notification No. QAU-CE/DS-75, outlining the schedule for the ADP and BS Terminal Examinations. However, due to local holidays imposed in Islamabad by the Government of Pakistan, the university has decided to reschedule the examinations.

The affected examinations were initially scheduled for July 31st, Monday, and August 1st, Tuesday, 2023. The revised dates are as follows:

  • The examination initially scheduled for July 31, 2023, Monday, will now be conducted on August 5, 2023, Saturday.
  • The examination initially scheduled for August 1, 2023, Tuesday, will now be conducted on August 12, 2023, Saturday.

Quaid-i-Azam University emphasizes the importance of clear communication and advises all stakeholders to stay informed about any further updates. The university encourages interested individuals to visit its official website at or contact the designated helpline numbers 051-9064-3231, 051-9064-3247 for the latest information.

This decision was made in consultation with the Deputy Controller of Examinations and has the support of various departments within the university, including the Registrar’s office, the Directorate of Affiliated Colleges, the Controller of Examinations, and the Computer Centre. The Student Vice-Chancellor SVC has also been informed of this development.

The revised examination schedule has been widely disseminated, reaching key stakeholders such as the Principals of all ICT Affiliated Colleges, the Director Colleges of the Federal Directorate of Education FDE, and the Co-Chairperson of the Liaison Committee for ICT Affiliated Colleges.

In line with its commitment to transparency and accessibility, Quaid-i-Azam University has requested the Director of the Computer Centre to promptly upload this important notification on the university’s official website for easy access and reference.

As the university takes these measures to ensure a seamless academic experience for its students, it encourages understanding and cooperation from all parties involved. The administration remains dedicated to upholding the academic integrity and quality of education that Quaid-i-Azam University is known for.


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