Punjab Board Announces 2024 Matric Exam Schedule

Punjab Boards Committee of Chairmen PBCC has officially approved the schedule for the 2024 Matric Annual Examinations, marking an announcement for students across the province. The exams are set to begin on March 1, 2024, and will be conducted concurrently by all educational boards in Punjab.

PBCC has outlined a structured timeline for the submission of admission forms. Students are encouraged to submit their forms within the initial window from November 15 to December 12, during which only a single fee will be charged.

Following this period, a double fee will be imposed on submissions made between December 13 and December 25. For those who miss these two deadlines, there is a final opportunity to submit forms with a triple fee from December 26 to January 3.

Students must note that no admission forms will be accepted after January 3, underlining the importance of meeting these deadlines.

The establishment of this schedule is part of the PBCC’s efforts to streamline the examination process and support students in their planning and preparation.

By providing clear deadlines and a tiered fee structure, the PBCC aims to encourage timely submissions and reduce last-minute rushes, thereby facilitating a smoother administration of the exams.

This announcement is a key update for prospective Matric candidates, and students are advised to adhere strictly to the submission periods to avoid incurring additional fees.

With the exam dates now set, students have a clear timeline to guide their study schedules and preparations for the pivotal assessments ahead.

Anum Waleed

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