Prophet Names Mentioned in Quran?

Prophets, according to Islam, are those persons sent by Allah to spread faith in one God, communicate His word to people, and guide the common man about the righteous path. Except for Allah, no one knows the exact number of prophets who have come into the world, some traditions place their number as 1, 24,000.

How many prophet names are Mentioned in the Quran?

Only 25 prophet names are listed in the Quran by Allah out of a total number of prophets.

The name of some mentioned prophets in the Quran is

Adam (A.S)
Noah (A.S)
Solomon (A.S)
Al-Yasa (A.S)
Isa (A.S)
Muhammad (P.B.U.H)

How many Surahs are in Quran in the name of prophets?

There are six Surahs in the name of the prophet in the Quran which are

Surah Hood
Surah Ibrahim
Surah Noah
Surah Muhammad
Surah Yunus
Surah Yusuf

How many times Adam (A.S) name mentioned in Quran?

According to Islam Adam (A.S) was the first human on earth and also the first prophet of Allah on earth. His name is 25 times mentioned in the Quran by Allah in different places.

How many times Musa (A.S) name mentioned in Quran?

Musa (A.S) is the prophet of Allah and his name is 143 times mentioned in Quran. He is the only prophet whose name is most stated in holy book Quran.

How many times Muhammad (P.B.U.H) name mentioned in Quran?

Muhammad (P.B.U.H) is the last messenger of Allah on which the holy Quran was revealed in 610 CE. His name is only 4 times mentioned in different places in Quran by Allah.

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