PMDC Reopens MDCAT Fee Portal for 48 Hours to Facilitate Students

The Pakistan Medical and Dental Council (PMDC) has reopened the fee portal for the MDCAT 2023 exam, providing students with a brief 48-hour window to complete their payments. This decision was announced on Wednesday, with the portal set to close by the end of Thursday.

This move is in response to the interim Prime Minister’s directive to assist students who were unable to finalize their registration due to non-payment of fees. The PMDC had previously rescheduled the MDCAT exam to September 10, 2023, to accommodate these students.

The PMDC helpline has been inundated with calls from students requesting an extension to the fee payment deadline. While a significant number of students, approximately 189,261, managed to register successfully by the final date, around 9,000 students were unable to complete the process due to non-payment of fees.

In light of this, the PMDC has provided an opportunity for these students to finalize their registration. If you are among the students who completed the registration but encountered issues with payment, you can now use your existing payment form or download a new one. However, please note that a late fee will be applicable. Payments can be made using debit/credit cards or through the challan form.

This initiative by the PMDC is a significant step towards ensuring that all aspiring medical and dental students have an equal opportunity to sit for the MDCAT exam.

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