PMD reveals date for Eid ul Azha 2023 in Pakistan

ISLAMABAD: The Pakistan Meteorological Department (PMD) predicted the date of Eidul Azha 2023, one of Islam’s two biggest festivals.

According to media sources quoting PMD authorities, Eid-ul Azha will be observed on Thursday, June 29th, based on their prediction for the sighting of the Zill Hajj moon.

The Met Department predicts gloomy weather for the moon sighting for the last month of the Islamic year, with the Zill Hajj moon visible for more than an hour after sunset on June 19, with the following month likely to begin on June 20.

Meanwhile, many are anticipating an extended weekend for Eid ul Azha 2023, since four holidays will begin on June 29.

Meanwhile, Islamic holiday dates are subject to change based on real moon sightings. Following the sighting of the Zill Hajj moon, an official announcement regarding holidays will be given.

Usman Mushtaq

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