How To Perform Tahajjud Prayer | Tahajjud Time

  • Tahajjud is a particular Islamic prayer that all Muslims encourage (but are not required).
  • Tahajjud is recited after Isha (the mandatory nighttime Prayer) but before Fajr.
  • Tahajjud prayer is performed by performing many rakats (cycles) of namaz, the ritual used by Muslims for their mandatory daily Prayer.
  • Tahajjud namaz, like some other mandatory prayers in Islam, can be performed in pairs.

Tahajjud is an optional prayer that can be performed in addition to the obligatory prayers for Allah Almighty’s pleasure. For example, you could pray Tahajjud to apologize for sins, but many individuals want to recite Tahajjud due to the positive actions it is considered to represent.

Here’s how to recite Tahajjud or namaz for Allah’s pleasure and spiritual well-being.

Tahajjud Time

Tahajjud begins after Isha (the mandatory nighttime Prayer) and concludes before Fajr.

If possible, recite the namaz Tahajjud during midnight and Fajr, particularly in the final stage of the night.

Tahajjud is best-performed two-thirds of the way through Isha and Fajr. This is because, throughout the last part of the night, Allah descends to the lowest sky and asks, “Who is requesting me so that I can provide to him?” Who is reaching out to me, and how can I respond? Who is praying for my forgiveness so that I might forgive him?”

How To Perform Tahajjud Prayer

Tahajjud namaz can be recited in sets of two raqats, as most non-faridah prayers, such as Namaz Ishraq, are.

You must complete the following before performing the Tahajjud prayer.

Set the alarm to Wake up for Prayer

Set an alarm system or have a member of the family agree to awake you at Tahajjud time after performing the Isha prayer and before getting to sleep.

Perform Wudhu

how to do tahajjud prayer

Wake up at the time you’ve set for yourself in the middle of the night. Perform Wudhu, the daily washing, as soon as you wake up. Muslims must wash before praying or touching the Holy Quran.

Face Qibla Shareef

Muslims must turn their entire body to face Qibla for each Prayer in Islam. Qibla refers to Mecca’s Great Mosque, a particularly holy place for all Muslims.

Pro Tip: If you’re unsure which way to face, consider installing a “Qibla compass” app for your smartphone. This is a compass that has been adjusted to point in the direction of the Great Mosque.

When you have completed all of the previous steps, you are prepared to offer Tahajjud prayer.

Make your Neyat for praying Tahajjud

Before you begin performing tahajjud, you must first have the precise Neyat. “I perform two rak’ah Tahajjud for Allah although facing the Kaaba / Qibla,” you must say.

Pro Tip: If you are praying Tahajjud namaz to begin the day on a bright note, you might remark, “Today is a vacation, and I am saying Tahajjud prayer to inspire good actions in the universe in Allah’s name.”

Pro Tip: If you did something wrong yesterday, you could say, “Yesterday, I had a poor day and made a mistake.” I’m praying Tahajjud to apologize for the wrongdoings I’ve done.”

Start Namaz Tahajjud With Surah Fatiha

how to offer tahajjud prayer

Surah Fatiha and another surah, ideally Surah Ikhlaas, should be read. Then, prostrate into sujood after bowing down into rukuh.

Pro Tip: Because surahs are in the Quran, they must be stated in Arabic. Individual prayers can be replied to in the language of your choice.

Perform another Rakat

When you have finished the first Rakat, proceed to your standing position and recite Surah Fatiha repeatedly. Then recite additional surah before continuing with the Rakat.

Offer As Many Rakats As You Want

Because Tahajjud prayer is not obligatory and is only performed for Allah’s pleasure, you could offer many rakats as you choose, and only in pairs.

Pro Tip: Because Tahajjud is such a strong prayer, offering additional rakats might help you fulfill your prayer aim.

Dua after the rakats

You may incorporate your dua after you’ve finished the number of rakats you set out now to pray, as long as they’re honest, respectful, and done completely in commitment to Allah. These can be delivered in lengthy prostration in your language.

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