Pakistan Introduces Short-Term Hajj Package

ISLAMABAD – The Ministry of Religious Affairs of Pakistan has announced the introduction of a short-term Hajj package. This new initiative is set to commence next year, as revealed by Aneeq Ahmed, the Federal Minister for Religious Affairs.

The announcement was made during a meeting of the Senate Standing Committee on Religious Affairs, chaired by Maulana Abdul Ghafoor Hyderi. The new short-term Hajj package will span 18-20 days, offering a more flexible option for Pakistani pilgrims who previously had to opt for packages that typically lasted between 35 to 50 days.

This innovative approach allows pilgrims to choose between the new short-term package and the traditional long-stay package. The standard package includes provisions for accommodation, transportation, and food for the duration of the pilgrimage.

The introduction of the short-term Hajj package comes in the wake of the rupee devaluation, which has led to an increase in the cost of Hajj this year. This financial strain has resulted in a decrease in the number of applications received for Hajj 2023, falling below the quota allocated by Saudi Arabia.

The Ministry of Religious Affairs hopes that this new short-term package will make the sacred journey more accessible and affordable for Pakistani pilgrims, thereby increasing participation in the coming years.

Rashid Mehmood

Rashid explores the rich culture, heritage, and social fabric of Pakistan. His work brings to life the traditions, customs, and stories that define the nation's unique identity.

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