Pakistan Announces Public Holiday for Labour Day on May 1, 2023

The Pakistani government has declared May 1 as a Monday Gazetted Holiday to commemorate World Labour Day.

All educational institutions, government and semi-government offices in the federal capital will be closed on May 1 (Monday). This closure will be in effect throughout the day.

Due to the closing of all educational establishments, government, and semi-government agencies on May 1 (Monday), the statement suggests that a three-day continuous holiday would be held in the federal capital, commencing on Saturday and concluding on Monday.

World Labour Day, also known as International Workers’ Day, is an annual global commemoration held on May 1. This event honors and recognizes the essential contributions made by workers all throughout the world.

The significance of World Labour Day comes from the commemoration of the labour movement’s long-running struggle for better working conditions, pay, and working hours. It is a day that represents the workforce’s ongoing efforts to improve living conditions, fair treatment, and equitable chances in the workplace.

Overall, World Labour Day is a significant occasion that serves as a reminder of the continuous struggles and achievements of working people all around the world.

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