Pakistan Announces its Cricket Squad for IBSF Blind World Games

Pakistan Blind Cricket Council (PBCC) has recently declared the 13-member team that will represent the country in the upcoming IBSF Blind World Games. This international tournament, which is set to take place in Birmingham, England from August 17th to 27th, is a platform that showcases the extraordinary skills of visually impaired athletes from around the world.

For the first time, the IBSF World Games will feature cricket for visually impaired individuals. This significant inclusion is the result of the joint efforts of World Blind Cricket Ltd and the International Blind Sports Federation (IBSA). PBCC Chairman Syed Sultan Shah, who also holds the position of Chairman of World Blind Cricket Ltd, has given his approval to the selected national squad for the World Games.

The team consists of players from different categories, each category representing a specific level of visual impairment. The B1 category includes Zafar Iqbal, Riyasat Khan, Mohammad Shahzaib, Fakhar Abbas, Mohammad Salman, and Mohammad Asif. Nasir Ali, who falls under the B2 category, will be supported by vice-captain Badar Munir. Lastly, the B3 category comprises Matiullah, Mohsin Khan, Kamran Akhtar, Akmal Hayat, and Israr Hasan.

This announcement marks a significant moment for Pakistan’s blind cricket, as it prepares to compete on an international stage. The selected players, with their diverse levels of visual impairment, are a testament to the inclusive nature of the sport and the determination of these athletes to overcome their challenges. The upcoming IBSF Blind World Games promises to be an exciting event, not just for the participants, but for all sports enthusiasts worldwide.

Zafar IqbalRiyasat KhanMohammad ShahzaibFakhar Abbas
Mohammad SalmanMohammad AsifNasir AliBadar Munir
MatiullahMohsin KhanKamran AkhtarAkmal Hayat
Israr Hasan

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