O level Fees in Pakistan 2023

Cambridge Assessment International Education’s announcement of a 16% rise in exam registration costs per topic for its next examination series has caused confusion and discontent among parents and students in Pakistan. The UK-based supplier of foreign credentials, which is widely used by Pakistan’s private education industry, has come under fire from 85,000 students and their families who are struggling due to growing prices.

According to local reports, the fee increase will cost approximately Rs.10,000 per session for standard O Level 10th class students who choose Pakistan Studies, Islamic Studies, and Urdu exams, and nearly Rs.15,000 per session for 11th class students who choose five subjects, including English, Mathematics, and the three natural sciences. A-Level students would face a total tuition rise of around Rs.6,000 for three standard natural science subjects, and students and parents may keep an eye on their O-level Fees in Pakistan in 2023.

O level Fees in Pakistan 2023

Many parents have expressed their despair at the cost rise, pointing out that Pakistan’s public school system lacks the necessary educational standards to provide internationally recognized education to local students. Education experts in Pakistan have also questioned the tuition hike, claiming that CAIE’s monetary policies do not take into account the country’s unique socioeconomic realities, significantly increasing the financial burden on students and their families.

CAIE replied to the harsh reaction by claiming that their charge in Pakistan is the lowest in the world and that the increase was required to maintain the quality of their programs. The group said that they are aware of Pakistan’s present economic situation and that the fee increase was far less than the current rate of inflation.

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