New Price of Bread in Pakistan

Bread is a basic item eaten by millions of Pakistanis. It is an important part of many households’ daily diet, and any changes in its price can have a considerable influence on the lives of regular residents. In recent years, the country has seen volatility and spikes in bread prices, which have caused people to be concerned. The purpose of this article is to investigate the new bread pricing in Pakistan, the factors behind these changes, their impact on consumers, the government and industry’s responses, and the future prospects for bread costs.

New Price of Bread in Pakistan

The price of 120 grams of bread in Islamabad has been set at Rs 18. The increased bread pricing will be implemented immediately, according to the notification given in this respect.

The price of milled flour in Lahore has been cut by Rs. 20 per kg. The milled flour price was set at Rs. 150 per kg. Wheat prices per maund on the open market have also dropped. The cost has been set at Rs 4300. According to the Mill Owners Association, if the price of wheat is low, the price of flour will be cheap as well.

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