New Fee Collection Mechanism for Private Medical Colleges in Punjab

The Provincial Admission Committee (PAC) has approved a new fee collection policy for private medical colleges in Punjab. This decision was made during a crucial meeting held at the University of Health Sciences, presided over by Ali Jan, the Secretary of the Specialized Healthcare and Medical Education Department.

Under the new policy, medical students who secure admission to their first-choice college will be required to pay the entire tuition fee directly to the institution. This marks a departure from the previous system where students had to deposit fees at the University of Health Sciences (UHS). The change is intended to simplify the payment process for students.

Additionally, candidates who decide not to upgrade after their initial admission will also be required to deposit the full fee directly to their respective colleges. This move is expected to streamline the fee collection process and reduce administrative burdens on both students and institutions.

Private medical institutes that wish to collect the full fee from students must adhere to a new affidavit. They are required to comply with UHS’ policies regarding fee refunds and transfers. In cases where students choose to vacate their seats or are upgraded to another institution, colleges are legally obligated to refund all fees within a week without any deductions.

The PAC has warned that strict action will be taken against institutes found violating these policies, including initiating legal action. This measure is aimed at ensuring transparency and fairness in the fee collection and refund process, thereby protecting the interests of students.

This revised fee collection policy represents a significant step towards improving the administrative efficiency of private medical colleges in Punjab. It is expected to ease the financial transactions for students while ensuring accountability and compliance among educational institutions.


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