Latest Islamic baby boy names from Quran

Aliyan, Shazil, Shaheer, Izyan, and Mikael are some of the most recent and popular trendy names. The following are the most trendy male name meanings: Aliyan means “high status,” “sublime,” “exalted,” and “superb”; Mikael means “angel name.”

Islamic baby boy names from Quran

Check out this list of the top Fifty Muslim baby boy names that you should use for your new baby boy.

Aliyan Boy High Status, Exalted, Sublime and Superb ( onchy rutbay wala )
Orhan Boy “great leader”, “supreme leader” ( umda leader )
Shifan Boy Kind, patient ( Raham , saber kerny wala )
Shazil Boy Loyality, Beauty, Belongs to royal family ( Khoobsorat)
Affan Boy Forgiving person
Mahad Boy Great, Nice
Shazain Boy Brave, Skillful. ( bahadur, kasi kam mn maharat rakny wali )
Shuraim Boy “brave”, “courageous” ( bahadur, mazboot )
Arsh Boy Throne, Power, The seventh layer of sky
Zaviyar Boy Brave
Muzammil Boy One who is enwrapped in garments. Al-Muzzammil: title of the 73rd Sura of the Quran. In this sura, Allah addresses the Prophet Muhammad.
Izyan Boy Intelligent, wise ,one who possesses wisdom.
Aariz Boy Rain-bearing cloud
Mudassir Boy Clothed, Enveloped in Garments, or Dressed.
Sharjeel Boy The Drink of heaven, Unknown, Fine
Parvez Boy Success. Name of a Persian King.
Mustafa Boy Chosen, Selected,
Shahwaiz Boy Nobler (Ameer Zada , mashoor )
Nayel Boy Brave, Strong
Alqama Boy A type of Arab sword ( Arab talwar ki aik qisam )
Mannat Boy Wish, Prayer
Shees Boy The name of a Prophet
Mikaal Boy Any large item of clothing that covers the entire body, such as a garment, robe, or abaya ( Allah ky Frishto mn sy aham frishta )
Tabrez Boy Challenging, Showing openly
Mikael Boy Name of an angel
Suhaan Boy Very good
Ibrahim Boy A Prophet’S Name, Father of Multitude, Hazrat Ibraheem(AS), Bazurgi wala,
Moin Boy Fountain, spring.
Wajdan Boy Ecstacy, mirth, devotion.
Mizan Boy “balance”, “scales”, “measure”, “weight”, and in the Quran it often refers to the divine guidance that lets humans weigh and measure the propriety and justice of deeds
Usaid Boy Small lion
Muneeb Boy Truth, Right, Justice, Repentant to God,
Mahbeer Boy Brave.
Mikail Boy Name of an Angel (Michael)
Aahil Boy Great king, Great leader, Emperor
Musab Boy Name of a Sahabi who particepated in the battle of Badr, Undefeatable
Arzaan Boy Worth
Zulkifal Boy Name of a prophet of Allah. ( Allah ky pegamber ka name )
Arzan Boy Worth
Nahyan Boy Courageous, Brave
Essa Boy Variant transcription of ISA
Mehran Boy Progress, Advancement, Improvement,
Muavia Boy A roar of lion, The name of first Umayyad Khalifah
Zoraiz Boy Spreader of light, Distributor of light
Inayat Boy Bounty, Kindness, favour.
Shaheer Boy Well-known, Mashoor
Asher Boy Wise, knowledgable
Zulqarnain Boy “possessor of two horns”
Zayn Boy Beauty
Naushad Boy Happy.
Mudasir Boy Handsome
Ashal Boy Light and Radiance
Rayyan Boy Door of Heaven “beautifier”, (one who makes things beautiful or improves things.)
Noraiz Boy The first ray of sunlight which came to earth ( Pahli roshni soraj ki jo zameen per pari )
daneer Boy “radiant”, “full of light”
Adnan Boy Settler, One who settles for a long time in a place, Paradise, Jannat
Haseeb Boy Arithmetic, Mathematics, Calculate, Compute, Hissab karney wala
Ahyan Boy Gift of God
Sameer Boy Beneficial, Entertaining companion, Good Friend and Companion
Miran Boy Princes; pl. of Mir.
Faizan Boy Grace, Favour, Good Influence,

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