Kia Increased Car Prices Up To Rs 400,000

Kia Lucky Motors reported another increase in Kia automobile pricing today, as the company published new ex-factory prices for all of its vehicles. According to a statement, the higher pricing will take effect on July 5, 2023. The notice makes no indication of the rationale for the recent rate increase. Capital Value Tax (CVT) is included in this ex-factory pricing, according to the firm.

New Kia Car Prices 

The following are the latest pricing for all Kia models:

Picanto New Prices

  • Picanto MT’s pricing remains the same at Rs. 3,350,000 since the firm has not declared a new price.
  • The KIA Picanto AT used to cost Rs. 3,625,000, but following a Rs. 200, 000 price increase, it now costs Rs. 3,825,000.

Stonic New Prices

  • Kia Stonic EX will continue to be priced at Rs. 5,350,000 since it has not been revised.
  • Kia Stonic EX+, on the other hand, has a new price of Rs. 6,050,000, up from Rs. 5,930,000 before. The firm increased its asking price by Rs. 120,000.

Revised Price of Sportage 

  • Sportage Alpha was originally priced at Rs. 7,050,000 but has now increased by Rs. 250,000 to Rs. 7,300,000.
  • The price of the Sportage FWD has been increased by Rs. 250,000, and it now costs Rs. 8,190,000, up from Rs.7,940,000 before.
  • Similarly, the price of the Sportage AWD was hiked to Rs. 8,570,000, but it has now been raised to Rs. 8,820,000, a Rs. 250,000 increase.
  • The Sportage Black Edition used to cost Rs. 9,050,000, but following an Rs. 250,000 price hike, the variant now costs Rs. 9,300,000.

Sorento Updated Price

  • Sorento 2.4L FWD previously cost Rs. 10,400,000 but currently costs Rs. 10,800,000 due to a Rs. 400,000 price hike.
  • Similarly, the Sorento 2.4L AWD cost Rs.11,300,000. It now costs Rs. 11,700,000. This is the same Rs. 400,000 difference.
  • Finally, the Sorento 3.5L FWD costs now Rs. 11,390,000 instead of Rs. 11,790,000 like the Sorento 2.4L AWD. It also increased by Rs. 400,000.

Revised Price of KIA Carnival

The KIA Grand Carnival Executive’s pricing remains unchanged at Rs. 16,750,000.

Booking Status

All Kia vehicles are offered for full payment with a price lock, with the exception of the Carnival Executive, which is available for partial payment.

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