Jubilee Life Insurance and Telenor Pakistan to facilitate insurance access through Telenor’s Apollo app

Jubilee Life Insurance, the country’s largest private-sector insurance company, has entered into a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Telenor Pakistan, one of the leading telecommunications service providers. The partnership aims to integrate Jubilee Life’s insurance products directly into Telenor’s flagship platform, the Apollo app, thereby offering unprecedented ease and accessibility for health and life insurance services.

The Apollo app, a trademarked product of Telenor Pakistan, is a comprehensive digital solution that transforms the traditional retail distribution landscape into a modern digital space. It caters to a robust network of 120,000 retailers across Pakistan, enabling them to connect with their audience more efficiently than ever before.

This collaboration between Jubilee Life Insurance and Telenor Pakistan is set to bring about a significant change in the insurance penetration in the country. It will empower millions of Pakistanis to secure insurance policies through Telenor Pakistan retailers, marking the beginning of a new era of swift and simplified insurance acquisition. The initiative aligns with the modern dynamics of the nation, where convenience and efficiency are prioritized, especially by the younger generation.

Mr. Farhan Faridi, Group Head – Retail Operations, Marketing, and Administration at Jubilee Life Insurance, acknowledged the evolving societal dynamics and the integral role of digital technologies in daily lives. He emphasized Jubilee Life’s commitment to raising awareness about the importance of insurance plans among the younger demographic and making insurance coverage accessible and relevant in the digital age.

Echoing similar sentiments, Mr. Omer Bin Tariq, Chief Marketing Officer of Telenor Pakistan, highlighted the company’s consistent efforts to provide innovative solutions that simplify users’ lives. He expressed pride in collaborating with Jubilee Life Insurance to reshape how insurance is accessed and perceived in Pakistan.

By leveraging digital technology and catering to the preferences of the younger generation, the integration of insurance products within the Apollo app signifies a major step towards increased insurance coverage, simplified processes, and enhanced financial security for Pakistanis.

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