IIU BS CS, SE & IT Admission Test Revised Date 2023

The International Islamic University (IIU) has made a significant update to the admission test schedule for its Bachelor of Science (BS) programs in Computer Science (CS), Software Engineering (SE), and Information Technology (IT). This news is of great importance to all prospective candidates who are planning to embark on their academic journey at this prestigious institution.

The eagerly anticipated admission test for these esteemed programs was initially scheduled for an earlier date. However, in a move that reflects IIU’s commitment to providing a fair and equitable opportunity for each candidate, the university has decided to make a minor adjustment to the test schedule. The revised date for the commencement of the admission test is now set for the 8th of August, 2023.

IIU BS CS, SE & IT Admission Test Revised Date 2023

This change has been carefully implemented with the utmost consideration for the convenience of the applicants. It aims to provide aspiring students with ample time to prepare adequately for the admission test, enabling them to effectively demonstrate their skills and knowledge.


The International Islamic University is renowned for its high-quality education and rigorous academic programs. This adjustment to the admission test schedule for the BS CS, SE & IT programs further underscores the institution’s dedication to ensuring that every student is given a fair chance to prove their potential and secure their place at the university.

Prospective candidates are advised to take note of this new date and make necessary preparations accordingly. The university looks forward to welcoming a new batch of talented and dedicated students to its BS CS, SE & IT programs in the upcoming academic year.

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