Hyundai Nishat Introduces Three New AC Variants of Porter H-100 Pickup with Revised Pricing

Hyundai Nishat has announced the launch of three new variants of its popular commercial vehicle, the Porter H-100 Pickup, now equipped with air conditioning (AC). The introduction of these new models comes as a response to customer feedback and market dynamics, demonstrating Hyundai’s commitment to delivering best-in-class products that meet consumer needs.

The new variants, which include the Porter Deck Less, Porter Flat Deck, and Porter High Deck, all come with factory-installed AC. However, apart from the addition of AC, there are no changes in the specifications, features, or performance of these vehicles compared to their non-AC counterparts.

The company has clarified that the prices for the new AC-equipped variants are Rs. 3,899,000 for the Porter Deck Less, Rs. 3,919,000 for the Porter Flat Deck, and Rs. 3,939,000 for the Porter High Deck. In comparison, the prices of the previous non-AC variants were Rs. 3,789,000, Rs. 3,809,000, and Rs. 3,829,000 respectively. This indicates a price increase ranging from Rs. 90,000 to Rs. 110,000 for the new AC variants.

The Porter H-100 Pickup, launched in 2019, is powered by a 2.6L Diesel Euro-11 engine paired with a 5-speed manual transmission. It boasts a payload capacity of one ton and can produce 79 horsepower at 3,800 rpm, generating 167 nm of torque. The vehicle is primarily used for transporting heavy loads and luggage. Over the past four years, it has established a significant presence in the local market, especially given that it replaced the iconic Hyundai Shehzore.

As Hyundai Nishat continues to innovate based on customer feedback and market trends, the success of these new AC variants remains to be seen. The question of whether the increased prices for the new variants are justified will ultimately be answered by the market’s response.

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