Hyundai Introduces ‘Special Offer’ for Elantra Buyers

Despite the unstable situation of Pakistan’s car sector, Hyundai Nishat Motors Private Limited (HNMPL) has been on a roll recently in terms of sales. Hyundai achieved sales gains for four consecutive months, thanks in large part to the increased popularity of Tucson.

The Korean carmaker, on the other hand, has some great news for Elantra purchasers. According to a recent update, Hyundai has launched a limited-time deal that allows Elantra owners to pick up their vehicles quickly after booking.

The deal also includes a ‘price lock,’ which means that even if the price rises in the future, purchasers will not have to pay a rupee more than the present price, which is:

ModelCurrent Price (Rs.)
1.6 GL6,599,000
2.0 GLS7,130,000

Because of Pakistan’s economic woes, car prices, like the local currency, are particularly unpredictable these days. In such conditions, Hyundai’s offer is expected to attract a number of small sedan consumers.

This is anticipated to boost Hyundai’s total sales while hurting some of its primary competitors, namely the Toyota Corolla.

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