Honda CEO Admits to Falling Behind in EV Makers

To expedite the electrification of its vehicles, Honda Motor Company announced the introduction of new electric vehicles (EVs) in North America, China, and Japan in 2024.

Better batteries, sophisticated software, and a redesigned driver interface will help the firm catch up to EV leaders. The company also intends to build dedicated EV facilities with modified manufacturing methods and a consistent supply of semiconductors.

Honda, as CEO Toshihiro Mibe confessed, is falling behind in the worldwide EV race. In 2025, the CEO promised a speedier worldwide reboot. According to Automotive News, during Honda’s annual business briefing, Mibe made some interesting remarks concerning Chinese competition.

He said that Honda officials were dissatisfied with the Shanghai car show, where Chinese companies crowded the exhibition hall with sophisticated EVs of all types, while the Japanese automaker showcased three electric SUVs due to appear in China in 2024.

They are far more ahead of us than we imagined. We’re planning counter-attacks. Otherwise, we will lose this tournament. We understand that we are somewhat behind, and we are motivated to catch up.

The CEO of the corporation acknowledged Japan’s slow growth. He went on to say that Honda’s EV development approach is currently fluid, as the business considers all possible options for gaining a competitive edge.

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