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List of Postal / Zip Codes of GPOs of Ghotki

The complete list of all Ghotki GPO Zip Codes, Postal code, or postcodes, as well as any additional details you may want. This list contains Ghotki Delivery or Non-Delivery Post Office names and Ghotki Associated Branch Office Post / Zip Codes.

What is the Zip Code?

Zone Improvement Plan ZIP Code represents a country’s geographic name. It is typed in all capital letters to imply that emails went faster (and effectively) because code is included in the postal address.
Ghotki Postal code Details
Postal Zip Codes 65110
Post Office Name Ghotki
Address Level1 Hyderabad
Address Level2
Address Level3
ISO-3166 alpha2 Code PK
ISO-3166 alpha3 Code PAK
Country Name Pakistan
LATITUDE 28.0167
For automatic postal sorting to a specific post office or address, a five-digit code called a PostCode is often used in Pakistan. Zipcodes and postal codes are sometimes known as postcodes.

List of Gotki Postal Code or Zip Code

Postal Code Delivery Post Office Province Attached Branch Offices Post Code
65110 GHOTKI NPO Sindh

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