FAW V2 Latest Price in Pakistan 2023

The FAW V2 has been a player in the Pakistani automotive market since its launch in 2014 by Al-Haj FAW Motors. The vehicle’s unique design, competitive pricing, and fuel efficiency have contributed to its growing popularity.

The FAW V2 is known for its affordability, with prices starting from PKR 1,315,000. The price variation depends on factors such as the model year, mileage, variant, and overall condition of the vehicle. This competitive pricing has allowed the FAW V2 to stand out in its class.

The exterior of the FAW V2 features a distinctive design language that sets it apart from other hatchbacks in the market. It boasts trapezium-styled upswept headlights, a grille with quad intakes, and angular dual air intakes. The rear features side-swept LED taillights, a roof spoiler with a brake light, and a prominent rear bumper.

Inside the FAW V2 2023, you’ll find a spacious and comfortable interior. Light gray and silver plastic trim pieces complement fabric-covered seats. Standard features include power windows, power steering, a 2-speaker stereo system, power lock doors, air conditioning, and a tachometer. However, the build quality and finish of interior plastics and controls could be improved.

The FAW V2 is equipped with a 1.3-liter DOHC 16-valve engine mated to a 5-speed manual transmission. This combination ensures a smooth driving experience while delivering fuel efficiency. The V2 2023 can achieve an average of up to 10 kilometers per liter, providing an estimated driving range of up to 333 kilometers from its 37-liter fuel tank.

The FAW V2 has become a compelling choice for those looking for a budget-friendly hatchback that doesn’t compromise on style and performance. Its competitive pricing, distinctive design, and decent interior space make it a noteworthy contender in Pakistan’s automotive market.

As Pakistani consumers continue to seek value for their money, the FAW V2 remains a viable option for those in search of an affordable and unique hatchback. With the right balance of features and pricing, it’s no wonder that the FAW V2 has found its place on the roads of Pakistan.

Zamin Sheikh

Explores the tech-savvy side of automobiles, unraveling the mysteries of automotive technology, connectivity features, and driver-assistance systems.

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