Emirates ID: How to check SIM card or mobile number registered incorrectly

Having accurate and up-to-date SIM card registration tied to your Emirates ID is crucial for protecting against identity theft and unauthorized use of your mobile number.

SIM swap fraud, where scammers take over your phone number by linking it to a new SIM card, is a growing threat. The financial and security implications of such fraud can be severe.

Regularly checking the Hesabati service ensures only authorized and known mobile numbers are registered under your name, giving you peace of mind.

How to check SIM card or mobile number registered incorrectly

Hesabati is a free online service offered by TDRA in the UAE. It allows citizens and residents with valid Emirates IDs to view all mobile and landline numbers registered under their ID numbers with telecom providers like Etisalat and Du.

This provides full visibility and control over one’s registered numbers. If any unknown or unauthorized numbers appear, Hesabati also enables users to immediately file complaints and resolve cases of misuse or identity theft.

Step 1: Visit Hesabati Website

  • First, Go to the TDRA website at https://tdra.gov.ae/en/.
  • Scroll down and go to Our Initiatives section, then the Hesabati box, and click on “Read More”.
  • To use Hesabati, you will need to log in with a valid UAE Pass, the country’s digital identity system. Enter your UAE Pass credentials when prompted to sign in.
  • Now login to your account, Hesabati service will fetch details of all your registered mobile and landline numbers from telecom providers. A list of numbers will load on your dashboard.

Step 2: Check your Registered Numbers

The list of numbers in your Hesabati account will include useful details like the 11-digit account number, account type, mobile plan details, and SIM card expiration date.

Carefully review all the registered numbers in your account.

Warning signs beyond just not recognizing a number include seeing a different mobile carrier than your usual provider, an unfamiliar mobile plan, or a SIM card expiration date that doesn’t match your Emirates ID expiry.

Step 3: Make a Complaint

  • If you spot any dubious or unfamiliar mobile numbers in your Hesabati account, click directly on the number to bring up options.
  • Choose the “Make A Complaint” option.
  • Fill out and submit the complaint form fully detailing the unauthorized SIM card or number misuse.
  • After submitting the complaint, you will get a reference number.
  • Use this to follow up on the status of your complaint. The TDRA will investigate and resolve the issue.

Alternative Option to Contact with Service Providers

Etisalat – 800 101

If you prefer contacting your telecom provider directly, Etisalat customers can call 800 101 to report unauthorized SIMs or numbers.

Du – 800 155

Du mobile customers can similarly call 800 155 to speak with customer service about misused numbers or SIMs.

Virgin Mobile – through the ‘Virgin Mobile UAE’ app

Virgin Mobile users can get support via the Virgin Mobile UAE app – log in and report unauthorized SIM cards or numbers.


Regularly checking your registered mobile numbers via Hesabati and staying vigilant about signs of misuse are crucial steps to protect against identity theft. Act swiftly if you spot any unauthorized SIMs or numbers by filing detailed complaints. Keep your mobile number registrations tied to your Emirates ID up-to-date and accurate. Take advantage of free services like Hesabati to verify no one is fraudulently using your identity.

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